Driving down the streets – looking as a student of Graphic design – it got me feeling all these houses with black, brown or white fences, some with flourishing flowers out front, some with wood covering there windows seems out of sheer paranoia.

I started to ponder further to a time when I was 10 yrs old – the world was my oyster and everything was so exciting and dream of being so popular and traveling the world by now – (age 30). OK I have a couple of Diploma’s one as an Enrolled Nurse and a child care assistant – I felt that it was killing me. Back to my story, I’m not popular, i always enjoyed tracking each day via a tape recording and was always a dreamer of better things, a feeler rather than a thinker.

So at this point I have to pick my mood up for everyone and think of the famous wonderland in Sydney – some of the best times of my life- hanna barbara land , the demon the space (something) it was all so so exciting and oh my the river rapids, so much fun! could not get enough.

Fairy floss, chocolate teddies, were all my thing & nothing or nobody could stand in my way, so i go to a place of riding a horse on the beach oh what a wonderful feeling, this has given me inspiration to paint a horse on the beach.. lets see how it goes ….







Published by Jos IS FOREVER

Take a risk cause it may be the best decision you will ever make.

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