Eye have had the BEST day TODAY :)

I would like to share with you all my optimism! Even may it just be a ray I HAVE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF my mindfulness I feel I have accomplished something today .. being mindful, I think it makes the world a better place.
Today I went to see a old friend and that was great seeing a friend since feeling so alone after being co-dependent one single person for the last 2 years, so today I offer all the non believers of hope ; if small its ;a mountain of purity in honesty within myself and my surroundings. Today I felt the sand between my toes, the sunlight beaming down, i could see the blue of the sea, a surfer ripping up a wave, I ran like an excited child I needed to jump in and feel the ocean WOW I felt at peace Nirvana, my natural nirvana, ha ha then felt a Ignore and quickly run to the shore, I took a moment to take my environment just as it was as I was just being me with no rethought judgement –  there was the sea proud and so was I proud to be me. I loved watching people go about the lives, so much abundance its just amazing, I think everybody is unique and special to all.
No segregation, no wars, no conflict, no animal torture, no greed, no violence, abuse, no poverty, no out casting, no pigeon holing, no bombing especially innocent children, all of the latter need change need movement to new ideas to open minds and to educate & share likfe yself as im doing now I pledge have courage in my convictions and like opening people minds up to options of ways of thinking they had never heard before. The list of social obstacles are massive, but even just one person  like you reading can also take it in and talk to others and open up to your new open mnd. Being an advoate for victims of situtation or other humans or environment – mindfulness. take  minute before to take a walk in their shoes the see how you feel, so I believe its bad label people and pigeon hole them. Being gay or lesbian is not a choice, because I personally when younger had wished to be like everybody else fit in and not be stared at.
I believe women are still opressed and there are women ,that do beat, as well, which i will admit is so hard to type, that as, I grew up thinking all females were like the ones around me just the amazing caring considerate and never ever violent a stereotype. I belived were true, but that was smashed up through my own experience but thats for another day, there is much to learn,.
Some women still bow down to men like we a living in the dark ages but thats ok Don’t judge because just maybe that is just the way they cope with life, say like someone else would take a valium? It is my belief by sharing your own passions and what to stand is awesome and I love lerning so still help others OPEN their minds to new ways challenge the norm with new ideas new options and hope so we can all make a differnce ONE person is still One step closer to the ultimate empowerment of humanity and to make it a better place.
To top my great wholesome day I want and purchased a fighter fish, he was on the bottom shelf and my eyes were immediately drawn to the dark blure nearly black fighter fish. Officislly named: LUCKY because he has been crowned MY Mascot.
Power is always to the People!
Yours Sincerely

Josea Louise





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