20 Facts About me :)

IMG_20160906_174503.jpg20 facts about me

1. I think a lot

2.  Very good at procastinating

3. Dont always do what I say I will (due to anxiety)

4. Suffer anxiety

5. Im very forgiving

6. Highly sensitive to the world

7. Live with a family member who has sufffered clinical depression and PTSD for over 10 years +

8. I love for art & Love

9. I’m out of love at the moment & hope to pick some soon

10. I spend most of my life alone. 

11. Im funny without trying 

12. Appear quite naive by choice

13. Fearful of close connections to anybody just dont know how

14. I care a lot about many things 

15. I dont care about a lot of things 

16. I only speak honesty.

17. Im a little bit hypercriticcal at times

18. Love to help others sometimes to the detriment to my soul

19. My hearts weeps at any sign of animal abuse ( horse riding included) 

20. I just love to laugh 🙂

Love Josea Cash  by 5 * C$SH



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