NOT – her again – PLEASE

Its the dreaded Grieving over Ex Partner –  2016-10-02-3Clause section XXOO,…..

I have devoted my night to writing into one of my apps as a record. I love keeping a diary on my life and they say works re tears that need to written to be dead. As i have not had tears I have been feeling badly anxious, unloved, tired, low, insecure. The positive aspect is I don;t get annoyed with her texts all the time and her not asking to see me is nice i will say no pressure.

However there is a few things that need to happen :I need to put closure to this relationship now. I have already disrespected myself by continually texting her and her not replying, its clear to see she isn’t interested I’m just used as a bit of light entertainment and ego boost every few days. 

So this bit got deleted from my app, I will text someone else when I feel the urge to contact her, also I will be using the self reward at the end of Ill give myself 2 weeks exact to the day, so today is Friday at 1232 hrs. So If i resist temptation I will not get my self service reward. Ill keep that one private. 

I will continue to dream and to come alive again after such a long arduous relationship. I am feeling good at the present moment. FOCUS is Key to Success. 

5StarCloudCoach xox



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