Just been for my morning run,Ran ALL the way from my bed to the toilet

Hi, I’m the happiness fairy. I’ve just sprinkled you with some happiness dust! Now smile, goddammit, this shit is expensive!!!

I am the best at multitasking… I can be in my own little world and not listen to you at the same time! How smart am I! 😀
remember when we were young and wondered what it would be like when we are over 20 ! well now i know i wanna go back to when i wondered
(:new day … new experiences … new problems … new questions… new answers… new excuses.is off with the fairies…….. be back soon
I’m not strange..I am unique with a splash of What The Phuck!
tried to drown my sorrows last night but it turns out the bastards can swim!
My thought for the day…wouldn’t it be GREAT if there were more than one of me? Imagine that
Luv Always Jo from the Sea

Published by Jos IS FOREVER

Take a risk cause it may be the best decision you will ever make.

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