I’m not feeling myself today…perhaps I should feel someone else.

If I have to apologize for the way I feel, then you should have to apologize for making me feel the way I do. 

YOU are the ONLY person that has control over your feelings. Nobody else does. No other person can make you happy, sad, or miserable without your consent. 

There are many times in life, both big & small, when you get to see who really cares, who doesn’t, and who just pretends to. Sometimes it’s very surprising. 

It’s the things we don’t understand that ultimately affect us the most. 

There’s so many things I wanna say But they’re really not worth my time You are just a guy That will soon become my once upon a time 

3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning = go to hell

You know when someone truly loves you. You feel it in your soul and see it in their eyes. 

U should never waste your true feelings on people who don’t value them. 

Just because you don’t like what I’m saying doesn’t mean I’m complaining. It’s called communication. 

♥Love From J0FromTheSëä


Published by Jos IS FOREVER

Take a risk cause it may be the best decision you will ever make.

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