Please Let some Light into your light into your life, I can handle it.



  • pexels-photo-995747.jpegHi its Josie Again Shout out to the oes that take tim eto read my blogs I really hope you get something from them to brighten your day
  • Your attitude can make all the difference in how your day will begin and end…
  • If multitasking consists of doing one thing with my left hand while holding a mug of coffee with my right hand then I am a champ
  • is multi-tasking I’m breathing AND blinking woo go me!!!
  • I don’t call it attention deficit.. I call it multi-tasking and never finishing anything, since i can’t figure out what i am multi-tasking.
  • wrote a to do list. Now I can procrastinate more efficiently.
  • With age comes skills. It’s called ‘Multi Tasking’.. I can: Laugh, Cough, Sneeze, Fart & Pee
  • all at the same time.
  • Question: Why is it when you have so much to do that your energy level doesn’t match the to-do list?any sugestions lol
  • wil do My to do list. Moon the mailman, Run naked through my neighbors garden, chase some butterflies, and throw water balloons at passing cars. lol
  • For too many people DEATH was not at the bottom there ‘to do’ list!
  • So bored I think I’m going to have a boregasm!
  • says women can fake an orgasm for the sake of a relationship, but men & women  can fake an entire relationship for the sake of an orgasm
  • Your attitude can make all the difference in how your day will begin and end…
  • is the kind of person that can be reading, listening to music, hold a conversation, and still know what happening in all of them, but can’t walk and chew gum.

Please feedback would be appreciate even start commentinig with love the interaaction

Love Always Your ray of Sunshine 


Forever Dreaming – Live and let live my followers big shout out to to guys. 

X8 X8 





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