Listen to the music you loved as a teenager

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If we’re lucky, teenage years are the practice ones that get us ready for actual adulthood. That’s why those of us privileged enough to get this limbo time between being a dependent kid and an independent adult use 13 to 19 to test drive questionable fashion choices, to work out how to do our hair, to decide what books and movies and TV shows we want to let into our hearts and minds and Facebook profiles, and to form our personal theories on sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll.

We take the wet clay that is our identity, and prod it, spin it and shape it, before it turns from mushy and unformed to solid and unchangeable.

Because when you’re a teenager, you think that your 20s are the deadline for having that sculpture gallery-ready. In your 20s, you will officially be an adult, i.e. someone who will magically…

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