Love, Passion, and Poetry

portrait of a beautiful woman
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I like Sunshine, I like poems that rhyme I see you standing there in class mesmerized by your charismatic magnetic passion. at night, late at night i dream of this night.

Then I think of your lips and the heaven feeling so light so high on your desire, to me like the warmth from a waffle freshly made tricked with maple syrup enters my mouth

feels so comforting so warm feeling euphoric lost in the flavors your just like a warm waffle with maple syrup

in my dreams, late at night, i eat those waffles with maple syrup holding on to that feeling of heaven soft warm safe comforting loving attractive driven texture of butter softness crunchy playing and tingling in my mouth.

Someday want I get yo taste those waffle and syrup your waffles i can feel trickling down my throat, all of you

Will I get this Dream?Will I get what i desire, because i have that fire to the desire of passion my waffles and syrup, do you notice me??

Your vibe intriguing charismatic mesmerizing fantasy.

Deep down into my aura at home in my room on my bed full of warmth and comfort in the words of this poem forever embedded in my dreams full of warmth comfort desire and passion

I desire you, will you come true??

so will you be my waffles too and make my dream of love come true.




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