i listen to rock because life’s to short to listen to crap :)

how does rock beat paper, you stand there with a piece of paper while i throw a rock at you. Lets see what happens.I love singing at the top of my lungs in the car…my voice sucks but deep down I know I rock…

When the cops come for jamming’ your Def Leppard too loud, just tell ’em AC/DC said rock n roll ain’t noise pollution

Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll, Speed, Weed, Birth Control. At first we live. Then we die. Fuck the world lets get HIGH!

Dear God: Please bring back Jimi Hendrix and please take this Justin Bieber kid. Thank you and Amen.

Today is the youngest you’ll ever be. Live like it.Life’s to confusing, I want to be 5 again.

Im emotional,Im impatient,I get moody at times&Im most certainly not a super model but by far Im still the most loyal,honest,loving&giving woman youll ever know

♫ is my stress reliever. So, I am turning it up and zoning out… ♫

Love Always



Published by Jos IS FOREVER

Take a risk cause it may be the best decision you will ever make.

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