I’d be a people person, if people weren’t such arseholes!

Is running off to join the circus shes sure that she’ll get the job because shes had heaps of experience dealing with clowns and jokers.

my angel wings are at the shop being re-glittered today, thank goodness my broom’s ready and good to go!Invisible tears are the most difficult to wipe away.its another new day and yesterdays sh*t will now be today’s fertilizer :-)is a girl who actually eats; therefore i have boobs, an ass and curves =)childhood memory: falling asleep on the couch, waking up in your bed!! WHOAAA I CAN TELEPORT!! -_-Don’t you just love it when you jump in bed, get all settled and then remember: @&#* it’s bin night!TIP OF THE DAY: Struggling to do your exercise??? Do it early in the morning, before your brain figures out what the hell is going on!!!One life , One love , One chance ! <3Drunk people run stop signs, high people wait for them to turn green.what does a woman’s vagina and a tin roof have in common? if you don’t nail it good enough it may end up at your neighbours house!is trying to master the art of thinking before i speak! Wish me luck with that.thinks it’s funny how some people cant say it to your face but have no trouble saying it behind your back.

If they say it but they don’t show it, they don’t mean it. No exceptions

Love from JoFromTheSea


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