has come to realize just how important it is for some people to take their bipolar medication.is about to medicate …i mean meditate.Believes that some people only take medication to keep them from slapping people who should be taking medication.has been known to cause dizziness, confusion, heart palpitations, temporary insanity, mood swings, depression, and the giggles. Use with caution.Patience is only a prescription away.Obviously medicine companies don’t know what fruit tastes like…Sometimes it’s hard being the bigger person when all you want to do is give them a taste of their own medicine.Dear friends, I was recently diagnosed with a serious condition known as Alergicta Cleanin Myhomia. Doc says I can’t do house work anymore… Please volunteer.Ever notice how many woman’s medical problems can be traced to men? MENstruation, MENopause, MENtal breakdown…Beware the disease Idiotitis. Causes the brain to shut down and the mouth to keep talking. Thousands affected. May be contagious. Best defense: slap and run.2 indian junkies accidentally snorted curry powder instead of cocaine. Both were rushed to hospital … one’s in a korma, the other’s got a dodgy tikkaMy doctor advised me to quit smoking because I could die from it, but after some research I found out that…100% of all non-smokers die also. Just FYI.With all of the medical breakthroughs, we still have not found a cure for stupid.right now I’m done believing you, trusting you, loving you, and missing you. I’m more of a person without you.Do I make mistakes? Yep! Big ones? Of OMG proportions! Am I perfect? Far from it! Do I want to be? Never! Am I trying everyday to be a better person? YOU BETMy ex? You are that. My heart? You broke that. I’m doing better? You hate that. You want me back? It’s too late for that.(;I’m To Pretty To Be ” Single ” ? Mm.. No (: I’m To Pretty To Be Humiliated , Lied to , &’ cheated on ❤ ‘live life with no regrets, because whats done is done, and there will always be a better tomorrowThings are finally starting to look up, things are better than they were, and I can honestly say I’m happy again. It feels good :)sometimes life rains on you…but then come the rainbows 😀
Love Always



Published by Jos IS FOREVER

Take a risk cause it may be the best decision you will ever make.

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