Funny LOL my Thoughts today take a peek

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 Has decided to Play Nice today. No. Don’t laugh. I really think I can do it this time. Well maybe I’ll give it a go and see… nope i couldn’t do it.

REMEMBER… I don’t chase.. I replace!!! So when you turn around and see me gone, you’ll know why!!

If that was sleep, I want a refund!

there’s nothing quite like drinking your coffee through a Tim tam, is there??

you thought u could play me and beat me at my own game, and now you’re the one who lost everything and got played. Play with fire and you get burned

Me? Vindictive? Never. Just a first class bitch through and through

People say time heals, but it does not heal your heart. Time just gets you used to a new way of life.

Thanks for reading

Love always JoFromTheSea


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