I used to be really good at pretending I’m okay… but now I don’t care enough to even pretend.

arizona asphalt beautiful blue sky
Photo by Nextvoyage on Pexels.com

 I just wish that I could let out all my feelings till I’m completely empty inside, because right now…I’m overflowing with mixed emotions…

I’m tired, empty and frustrated and I just want to get away

I feel lost inside myself..

I can’t tell you how I feel. I’m not happy and, I know that. But not exactly sad either. I’m just caught between all these emotions and I feel so… empty.

Sometimes I wish I could run away and hide from everyone and everything..

There is not a day that goes by, that I don’t think of you, and miss you, with all my heart. And with out you here, there is a big piece of my soul missing.

I didn’t think it was possible to feel this empty, this lost. So many ways to go, but no-one there, nothing but darkness. This is what broken feels like.

Ever have that feeling where you just have an empty space in your life and you don’t know what it is. Yeah that feeling is killing me :/

i am empty, no emotions, no thoughts, i feel like I’m on auto pilot today my brain said it didn’t want to deal so it shut off too. Perfect just gravy.

Love Always 



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  1. Thankyou for sharing. Sometimes life is to confusing to feel or to know. Ant that’s when I need to as myself “what is the kindest thing that I can do for myself right now?”.

    Wishing you peace.


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