Official Warning!! I have reached the NBP Level: Nervous Breakdown Pending!

seems all I do is worry about things I cant control and that I have no need worrying about. Anxiety really sucks. ” The chief cause of stress is reality.” Lily Tomlin. I feel like I want to scream, run away, maybe even cry all at the same time. I feel so frustrated, and about what exactly, I don’t even know :/ I HATE ANXIETY! Its funny how the mind can be a Sanctuary but it can also be a Prison. One in six people suffer depression or a chronic anxiety disorder. Those of us who suffer from either one know how crippling it can be. Okay anxiety, you have come and visited for long enough. You have worn out your welcome. It’s time for you to go back home! I take each day one anxiety attack at a time! To my anxiety you have come and took over my life and made everyday hard to live its time u go home and don’t come back again ITS OVER BETWEEN US ! Dear Random Racing Thoughts, My head is not your playground…you’re dismissed. whoever stole the off switch for my mind please return it, no questions asked. is experiencing a huge lack of clarity,crossed with a ton of WT F’s, followed by uncertainty and anxiety…yeah, welcome to my frickin world… If stress can kill you… How come I ain’t dead yet? Don’t you just hate that gnawing feeling in your stomach while you’re waiting for something to happen?

Love Always,  JoFromTheSea

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