Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to… wait a minute… Ho Hi Ho Hi I don’t have a job…

Wanted: A job! Please?!! I always hear people complain about going to work, but has anyone ever stopped to thank god that they still have a job to go to at all? Just sayin… I am so tired of people complaining about having to go to work, Thank your lucky stars you have a job, some of us have been looking and still cant find one…

Found the perfect summer job! Driving an adult ice cream truck, Daiquiris and Margaritas for everyone!!! Who would like to be my investor?!Job’s are like Bigfoot, you here stories about other people finding one . But you still think they are just a hoax.Dear Job Fairy, could u please use ur little magic wand & fairy dust to help me find a job. One w/ good benefits, good pay & most importantly VACATION time! THX Forget the money tree! I want to know where the job tree is. You know, the one that you shake and job offers come falling down. I think I’ll go look for a job now! While I’m at it I’ll look for the loch ness monster, and Sasquatch too because they don’t exist either.

to make things fun, job hunting really needs to be turned into a drinking game..

Love Fro JoFromtheSea

photography of a person pointing on something
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

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