nothing in life causes you greater pain than seeing your mum in pain and not being able to help them and make that hurt go away :(

Who are you..I don’t know you anymore…you certainly aren’t the mum who me raised or you would not be tearing my heart apart like this.

feels like no matter how much you love your mum and how much you do for them they treat you like its never enough.

How can your mum bring you the most love you’ll ever feel in your life and when they grow up bring you the most gut wrenching pain you will ever feel?

Sometimes our mothers can hurt us worse than any stranger ever could

The most heartbreaking thing about being a child is seeing your mum feel alone and depressed. And no matter how hard you try you can’t stop their hurting. 😦

There are no excuses in the world anyone could give me to help make me understand how someone could walk out on their mum. smh.

You NEVER stop feeling the pain your mums go through, no matter how old you get.

people say that a child deserves both parents, but sometimes a parent doesn’t deserve to have a child.

Love from JoFromTheSea

adult alone anxious black and white
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