Can relate

Cleo's Autism Awareness

For November 2018, I’m exploring different things people have said to me, then the internal thoughts those remarks stirred.

I appreciate you asking.

I appreciate that you’re here.

I hope you aren’t sad when I’m done with us hugging. I seem to be done with the hug before you.

It’s a lot of sensory information, you know?

If you want to give me a long-term hug, that’s what my weighted blanket is for. Careful though, if you try to wrap it around me; it can really strain if I’m laying under it the wrong way.

Cats are the best at giving hugs. It’s not so encapsulating as two people wrapping together. Cats are just present; omni-present, and purring.

Did you know the oscillation of purrs heal cat and human alike? So when you pet them, and they purr, you are taking care of one another.

I wish people treated my…

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