Funny LOL my Thoughts today take a peek

 Has decided to Play Nice today. No. Don’t laugh. I really think I can do it this time. Well maybe I’ll give it a go and see… nope i couldn’t do it. REMEMBER… I don’t chase.. I replace!!! So when you turn around and see me gone, you’ll know why!! If that was sleep, I […]

My mind is on a permanent vacation and the ocean is my only medication…

has come to realize just how important it is for some people to take their bipolar about to medicate …i mean meditate.Believes that some people only take medication to keep them from slapping people who should be taking medication.has been known to cause dizziness, confusion, heart palpitations, temporary insanity, mood swings, depression, and the […]

“Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.

this has been the longest week of my life… Ohhh crap it’s only Monday <– was not done with her weekend 😦 Relax, only 5 more days til Friday! I did not win, inherit or steal any large sums of money. I guess I have to work today. There should be a holiday dedicated to all […]

Sitting here, smiling. Life is good

Life’s too short to be miserable and there’s too much hate in the world to go spreading around more! Here’s to looking at life with happiness and optimism! I’m Simple. I don’t want big fancy cars or rings, I just want you to simply tell me how beautiful I look today, and spin me around […]

is making voodoo dolls…so if you did me wrong,were dishonest or fake…all i gotta say is…if you cant get it up…its pinned down;)

has just finished making Voodoo Dolls of all the people she doesn’t like today -_- She’s now going to stick them to the wall and throw darts at them -_- if you got the pins…i got the doll Whoever has the VooDoo doll of me, can you please scratch my butt? Thanks, I am in public and […]

will you visit me in my dreams tonight? .. thanks :)

I was counting all the stars and naming things i love about you, but then i ran out of stars. <3. they say penguins mate for life. . .so will you be my penguin? <3. a simple text saying “GOOD MORNING” or “GOOD NIGHT” can change someone’s entire day ;). is all smiles and butterflies right now!  Your face […]

laughter is my favorite sound in the whole world.

laughter is my favorite sound in the whole world.Chin up, boobs out and walk PROUD, life’s to short for negativityMy Indian name is ‘walkswithbeer’ ~~ is well overdue for a road trip ~~has never grown up, just learnt how to behave in public.thinks that being silly or off the wall every once in a while is […]