I used to be really good at pretending I’m okay… but now I don’t care enough to even pretend.

 I just wish that I could let out all my feelings till I’m completely empty inside, because right now…I’m overflowing with mixed emotions… I’m tired, empty and frustrated and I just want to get away I feel lost inside myself.. I can’t tell you how I feel. I’m not happy and, I know that. But […]

I hate it when I open the window to let a mosquito out, and 10 mosquitoes, 6 flies, cockroaches, 2 mice, and a Jehovah’s witness come in.

I hate mosquitoes!!! I mean, I know I’m delicious but damn.. Crazy?I was crazy once.My parents locked me in a round room and told me to sit in the corner. Corner? I couldn’t find a corner! That bugged me.Bugs?I hate bugs. I like screaming “DIE!” when I’m killing…a bug Has a bug ever landed on […]

Beautiful Words- Beautiful Music

  If you should ask, then maybe They’d tell you what I would say True colours fly in blue and black Blue silken sky and burning flag Colours crash, collide in blood-shot eyes You’re dangerous ’cause you’re honest You’re dangerous, you don’t know what you want Well you left my heart empty as a vacant […]

The easiest way to make this world a better place, is to become a better person.

My eyes will speak the words my lips never could I just want someone who will understand me even when no words are spoken. I’m so tired of biting my tongue while others are running their mouths! Treat me with kindness and respect and I’ll rock your world. Treat me like a stupid game and […]