Drama shield activated.

  The time you showed me you didn’t care, is the same time I chose not to. <– yes she knows she is weird & no she does not care. You can only care for so long till you cant care anymore. look at my cup of care. \_/ oh crap. its empty. oh well. […]

My mind is on a permanent vacation and the ocean is my only medication…

has come to realize just how important it is for some people to take their bipolar medication.is about to medicate …i mean meditate.Believes that some people only take medication to keep them from slapping people who should be taking medication.has been known to cause dizziness, confusion, heart palpitations, temporary insanity, mood swings, depression, and the […]

Love, Passion, and Poetry

    I like Sunshine, I like poems that rhyme I see you standing there in class mesmerized by your charismatic magnetic passion. at night, late at night i dream of this night. Then I think of your lips and the heaven feeling so light so high on your desire, to me like the warmth […]

Beautiful Words- Beautiful Music

  If you should ask, then maybe They’d tell you what I would say True colours fly in blue and black Blue silken sky and burning flag Colours crash, collide in blood-shot eyes You’re dangerous ’cause you’re honest You’re dangerous, you don’t know what you want Well you left my heart empty as a vacant […]